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I have been a member of ABBA since 26th March 2019, I now work from home, part-time, so am able to spend more time painting. As a relative new-comer to Botanical Art, I remember enjoying the arrangement, composition, colour, and structure of the fruits and vegetables that I used, as a young Advanced Cordon Bleu chef.

My career took me off on several different paths and parts of the world, which did include ceramic conservation, but it wasn't until I retired from the City that I began painting with water colours.

I started locally, doing a year-long course with Anne Bebbington. I took classes at the Bristol Botanical Gardens with Jenny Brooks. Then did a correspondence course to improve my drawing with Mindy Lighthipe, I did more Botanical painting with Shevaun Doherty and Dianne Sutherland. As well as workshops with Ros Franklin and Jane Blundell. It was Jane who peeked my curiosity about the technical aspects of paint composition, its manufacture, the use of different binders and how paints behave and maybe move or do not move on the paper.

My Botanical Art took a break while we sold our home. Now settled into a different lifestyle, I have managed to create spaces do do my art. I look forward to developing my painting technique and to enjoying the delights that doing botanical art will bring into my life.