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I come from Ecuador, and I am working to become a botanical artist. I have worked as a researcher in agricultural sciences, in The Netherlands, Central America and now in Ecuador. Thanks to my work I have been able to see amazing places and lots of plants in different ecosystems.

I found the love of drawing plants accidentally when I was following a course of tree taxonomy in Costa Rica. It turns out, it is quite handy to keep a journal of the species you find with quick sketches of tree leaves, bark, flowers and if possible, fruits. So, I started doing some sketches in the field, but I wanted to get more detail in my drawings. I followed then some courses with coloured pencils, a medium I find quite comfortable, but I would also like to learn techniques with watercolours (although, I have to recognize I find the later more difficult).

I would like to improve my technique to record some of the wonderful flora we have in my country, from the Andean paramos to the tropical forests in the lowlands!