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Victoria Beyer
Oct 25, 2021
In ABBA Forum
Hello everyone, I’m new to ABBA, I’m very grateful to be here and to get to know all of you artists and nature lovers. My name is Victoria, I’m currently living in Germany. Back in Chile I used to work as a watercolor artist, now I’m taking the Sba diploma and looking forward to work as an illustrator. I’m very interested in natural history and follow Lizzie Harper and Sarah Morrish’s work. I’ve learned so much from both of them. I‘ve recently started a self-initiated project to add to my portfolio, which consists of a series of botanical illustrations of the Leipziger Auwald (riparian forest) (not ready yet) Now I’m feeling a little lost as to what should my next step be, should I try and find an artist in residence program? Should I just begin contacting clients already? I’ve read so many advice on not doing this too early, otherwise, you run the risk to loose a job in the future if they think you’re not ready. If anyone has an opinion or experience please share your thoughts. Thank you!