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If by accident you've clicked my profile (or by design), hello there!

I am the ABBA Champion based in North Yorkshire in a place called Ryedale. I am blessed to live in a rural area which affords many contrasts in topography, landscapes and habitat. From woodlands, lowlands to seascapes and of course market towns and bustling cities.

This wealth of varied landscape is a rich source of diversity and when it comes to art, design and botanical art it is hugley inspiring.

I spent many years studying art and design, spending time at college in Carlisle and then at university in Cardiff where I gained a degree in Ceramics. We moved to Yorkshire in 2003 for many different reasons and in 2005 I started a gardening business with my partner. Being somewhat unsatisfied with the lack of a creative outlet I started a degree part time (still running the business alongside) in Garden Art and Design in 2009 at Leeds Beckett University. I have always had an affinity for the natural world and

this degree has allowed me to combine my love of plants with art plus study subjects which have become close to my heart. Some of these include botany and biophilic design.

I graduated in 2015 with a 2:1 and completed a show garden based on Biophilia and Biophilic Design principals at Harrogate for my final project where I got a Bronze award. (The image above is the show garden.)

Suddenly finding myself battling ill health and doing a bit of soul searching it suddenly dawned on me that I'm very much an observational drawer. Feeling like a bit of a scientist I like to know how things work (particularly plants). Armed with this knowlege and an interest in botanical art I found a class last year taught by Bridget Gillespie at Helmsley Walled Garden and decided to see if it was something I could get to grips with. It was certainly an eyeopener but wanting to discover more I took another two day class hoping to expand this knowledge and practice the techniques she was teaching. The images below are my first and second attempts.

Our business continues to evolve as having completed my degree I now venture into the world of Garden design. I am keen teach the virtue and importance of plants both native and cultivated on the benefits to human health and biodiversity. (Biophilia and Biophilic Design) The inncreasing importance of incorporating green space in our towns and cities in a world where this is much needed. To that end I design gardens to incorporate habitat, native flora, cultivated varieties and accommodate client wishes. Every single design is plant driven from start to finish, emphasising the need for space for the natural world in our gardens, it is so important.

It can be difficult to obtain the plants required for our designed spaces so I also grow a range of plants to put into gardens and these also provide great drawing subjects.

We are in the process of creating a new website for our work with hopefully a blog but you can connect on Instagram @wildbiophilia or on Twitter @WildBiophilia