Brazil is not all about football

Just before Christmas last year ABBA approached the Vintage Paper Company for some samples of their Brazilian Calfskin Vellum for our members to test. Two of our experienced vellum water-colourists, Sandra Doyle and Gaynor Dickeson kindly agreed to review this product. Their experiences with the medium will be published in two sequential posts. Sandra starts with her post this week and Gaynor writes about her experience in two weeks time. We hope you enjoy the two posts, we certainly did. The company that has generously agreed to supply the vellum is Vintage Paper Company A retailer of heritage fine-art papers and bookbinding supplies located in Stromness, Orkney, U.K.

Details about the vellum they can supply can be found HERE.

The ABBA Team

Sandra Doyle - Painting on Vellum

The vellum arrived cockled, but flattened nicely after pressing between watercolour paper, blotting paper and a pile of heavy books.

White vellum:

I've not seen vellum as white as this before, so I think it would suit delicately pale subjects beautifully, however, as the idea was to test the vellum I chose to paint Holly because the dark shiny leaves and bright berries would stretch the vellum's ability to hold layers of paint and yet allow the lifting of paint in the shiny areas.