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Mar 10



There have been a handful of celendines opening over the last few weeks, but considering the relatively mild winter, I am surprised it is only now (10 March) they are opening in greater numbers - any comment?

There is a fascinating record that the Woodland Trust are doing on when they first flower here https://naturescalendar.woodlandtrust.org.uk/analysis/species-and-events-map/?type=3&speciesId=161&eventId=3&year=2009 move the slider at the bottom to see when they start to flower over the country (you can also change the year at the side - I linked to 2009/10). I usually judge now from the photographs people are posting on #wildflowerhour on Twitter and I would say they were mainly just starting to flower in the last week or so.

My judgement of time is not very good, so that I can never remember what happened last year unless it's written down, but it does feel like we haven't had a proper cold winter up here in the north east.

Mar 12

I wonder if these are triggered by day length rather than temperature?

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  • It’s 11am day two and it looks like the RHS has ordered in a few more industrial fans to circulate some air in the greenhouse. Skirts, shorts and sandell's seem to be the dress of the day and I am sure the odd swimmers will appear as the thermometer climbs. The medals have been awarded and the talent on display is stunning. If you have never been to this exhibition pop it in your calendar for next year or at least add it to your bucket list. A common theme from all the artists you speak to is a passion for botanical art and many years of applying paint to paper. It’s the three P’s Passion, Patience and Perseverance. What is really sad is the ephemeral nature of the exhibition that come 5pm today, this fabulous work will be taken down, packed in boxes and disappear from the public eye. No visual record either online or in print will be left. The hours and years of work disappear to be hung on walls in the artists’ homes away from the public gaze. Maybe we should start a “botanical art loan bank” where artwork is loaned to a wider audience. Show them in public or corporate spaces or private homes so they don’t sit behind the desk or under the bed gathering dust. For a comprehensive coverage of the exhibition head over to Katherine Tyrell’s latest news https://www.botanicalartandartists.com/news
  • We have had an enquiry asking whether any of us knows the British Botanical Artist Jenni Davies. The person who enquired has a pair of yellow poppies painted by the artist and is keen to find out any background information about her.
  • This new initiative is probably of interest to many botanical artists!