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ABBA Forum

Questions - feedback - comments and ideas that are of interest to the entire ABBA family.

Jul 25

It’s 11am day two and it looks like the RHS has ordered in a few more industrial fans to circulate some air in the greenhouse. Skirts, shorts and sandell's seem to be the dress of the day and I am sur
May 31

Hallo I am the Champion in this region based in Ledbury, Herefordshire. I am looking to co-ordinate some groups and have affirmation from local gallery owners that there is interest in hosting these.
May 19

The Society of Botanical Artists are holding an exhibition this summer in The Mall Galleries. Wednesday 5 to Sunday 9 June 2019, 10 am - 5 pm (closes 1 pm final day) Plantae 2019 is
May 2

Presented by Newcastle University Australia and voted the best Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of 2018 from EdX. This is quality teaching of the highest order. Drawing Nature, Science and Culture:
Apr 29

The cowslips ( Primula veris ) can be seen at Hunter’s Race near Chichester. The Bluebells ( Hyacinthoides non-scripta ) and Lady’s Smock ( Cardamine pratensis ) were seen in and around the Stansted F
Apr 4

Looking forward to hearing and seeing what’s going on in the UK botanical world and elsewhere. Annie - Indre et Loire 37
Mar 27

We now have 14 ABBA Champions located across the UK and there is room for more. As this is a new role and central to building a close association of like-minded members, we would like to start the ba
Jun 26

We have had an enquiry asking whether any of us knows the British Botanical Artist Jenni Davies. The person who enquired has a pair of yellow poppies painted by the artist and is keen to find out an
May 30

This is an exhibition of paintings and drawings of rare and endangered plants growing in the Avon Gorge. It is a collection of work completed over several years often following the life cycle of the p
May 14

Today we introduce a new section to our website. One of our major aims is to promote local events so members and friends of ABBA can meet without travelling large distances. A new "Events" link has
May 2

The next two weekends, 4-6 May (incl Bank holiday Monday) and 11-12 May is the Chichester Open Studios event. I welcome you to my shed at the bottom of the garden if you are interested in seeing me wo
Apr 29

On our hike on the Sussex Downs, Friday last week, we visited the Cissbury Ring up from Findon. Fantastic views although storm clouds rolled in and the wind blew quite strongly. Found my first sight o
Apr 3

I'm delighted that ABBA is now up and running. It's lovely to see that there are two other members here in France and it would be great to share little snippets from our botanical lives. I live west
Mar 12

There have been a handful of celendines opening over the last few weeks, but considering the relatively mild winter, I am surprised it is only now (10 March) they are opening in greater numbers - any
Jun 26

This new initiative is probably of interest to many botanical artists!
May 28

hi, my name is Annie Morris and I am the area champion for the South West. I would be delighted to hear from anyone out there who lives in the area and is keen to be involved in local activities. lo
May 13

The Old Court in Windsor, SL4 3BL, is a community arts centre, where I have recently had a joint exhibition, entitled Synergy, with photographer, Paul Mitchell, which was very well received. How abo
Apr 29

A new video link has been added to ABBA TV in the Members area that describes the role botanical art plays in plant identification and record keeping. Well worth a look. The video is on YouTube and c
Apr 5

This gigantic Euphorbia Candlelabra and Agave were some of the fascinating plants a group of aspiring artists were surrounded by during a coloured pencil course lead by Ann Swan. This wonderful garden
Mar 30

I am in the process of preparing to paint some Norwegian plants found in the Norwegian mountains. However, all are native to this country (the UK), although might be more rare. I am struggling with on