ABA Online Gallery - Artwork Submission

Only current Members of ABA can submit artwork for exhibition in our online Gallery.  


The ABA Gallery is available to the public to view via the GALLERY link on the ABA menu. All previous exhibitions are also available in our Gallery.

The ABA Gallery provides:

  • online exhibition space

  • hanging space for any size picture

  • an artwork title, artist and description

Calls for entries are generally 3 months before the exhibition opens and will be announced on our Blog on the front page of the website and also as a direct email to our Members.

Read First Before You Submit

To ensure we scale your picture correctly and get the best possible image in the gallery it would be useful to have this information at hand BEFORE you submit your image using our online form.


You will need:

  1. Title

  2. Description

  3. Scientific name(s) if possible

  4. Size of your image (inside mount measure - width and height in cm)

  5. Scale - if other than life size (i.e. 2x OR you have drawn a scale bar)

  6. Your digital image

The technical requirements for the image to display optimally are:

  • scanned ( professionally preferred) or a quality photograph

  • minimum resolution of 150 dpi​ (dots per inch)

  • a minimum of 2500 pixels on the shortest side

  • format can be .tiff or .jpg (100% or Max) - .png

  • a maximum file size of 15 MB

If you DO NOT have the ability to change the image attributes OR you are not sure about producing your digital image CONTACT  us as soon as possible and we will help you where we can.

To help you produce a quality digital image of your artwork you may find the following resources useful.   We will be expanding these as they become available.


You will be asked to agree that ABA can display and use your work or elements of your work for promotional use including social media. You will still retain sole copyright of this work which cannot be reproduced or passed to third parties unless we obtain your express permission.


Digital image  Basics 


Cornell University -


University of Texas


How to photograph your artwork

A bit more advanced

How to scan your artwork


The ABA Team